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Your Legacy. Our Duty.

Trust Services with a Holistic Perspective

Arden Trust Company provides industry-leading personal trust services designed to evolve with your family’s needs and support you for generations.

Our approach is rooted in fostering a meaningful partnership with your wealth management advisor to create a seamless trust experience for you. By leveraging our expertise, which spans more than 25 years, we help ensure your wealth is protected. By bringing excellence and integrity to every relationship, we help preserve your legacy and provide for your beneficiaries.

Progressive Company, Fiduciary Perspective

At Arden Trust Company, we prioritize listening to trustors, honoring their intentions, and sharing our specialized expertise – always mindful of the wealth management advisor’s role as the guardian of their client’s financial well-being. We don’t compete with advisors to manage the investments of their clients; our role is to enable a cooperative relationship that aligns the interests of all parties, ensuring prudence and impartiality.

To learn more about how we work with clients and advisors download our fee schedule.
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We’re committed to providing personalized services with a straightforward fee schedule. Learn more about our fees by downloading our Fee Schedule.

Discretionary Trusts

Arden Trust Company has fiduciary responsibility for both administration and investment management. All fiduciary activities with respect to the trust are performed or directly supervised exclusively by Arden Trust Company.

Minimum Annual Fee
First $2,000,000
Next $3,000,000
Next $5,000,000
Next $10,000,000
Above $20,000,000

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Annual Fee (One Policy)
Each Additional Policy

Special Needs Trusts

Minimum account size $1,000,000.

20% premium to the discretionary trust schedule.

Tax Preparation Fees

Arden Trust Company provides a fiduciary tax return for $500 per trust for both federal and state returns.

Termination Fees

Arden Trust Company will collect a termination fee equal to one year’s annual fee for removal of Arden Trust Company or any client-driven distribution of more than 1/3 of the trust’s value.

Directed Trusts

Arden Trust Company acts as Administrative Trustee only. The client or authorized party appoints an Investment Advisor to directly manage the assets with the Financial Advisor/Custodian.

Marketable Securities / Liquid Assets
Minimum Annual Fee

10% discount from the discretionary trust schedule.

Single Entity – LLC / LP / Closely Held Business Interests
$1,000,000 - $10,000,000
$10,000,000 - $25,000,000
$25,000,000 - $100,000,000
Over $100,000,000

Arden Trust Company requires minimum 2-year rolling fees in cash or marketable securities.

One-Time Set Up Fee for Entity
Each Additional Entity
Promissory Notes

Fee Charges

Fees are charged monthly in arrears and will be charged as provided in the terms of the fee agreement, governing instrument, or by applicable state law.

Extraordinary Services Charges

When unusual, special or extraordinary services are required, charges will include, in addition to the regularly published schedule of ad valorem fees, additional reasonable compensation based upon an hourly rate.

An amount, billed monthly, based on documented time of Arden Trust Company officers and employees devoted to performance of extraordinary trust administration services at the following hourly rates:

Officer Level Hourly Rate
Executive Officers $265.00
Non-executive Officers $195.00
Non-officer Personnel $130.00
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